crab at it!

These delicious morsels are made with crab meat, horseradish, Dijon, and a little celery.  They are lovingly topped with a sprinkle of celery seed and chives.

crab egg


stuff the egg, not the bird

After a short break, I’m back with a new batch!  Feeling the holiday spirit, I decided to fill these eggs with stuffing and a little cranberry sauce, topped with a fresh, tart cranberry.  They taste just like Thanksgiving!

stuffing egg


Okay the title is totally misleading because there are no leftovers, Thanksgiving or otherwise, in these eggs but I was thinking of leftovers when I made them.  I wanted to use a little stuffing and gravy but since I did not host this year, all of the leftovers I had are long gone.  Instead, I went Mediterranean style with roasted eggplant hummus and a little Italian seasoning.



I’ll admit, I was a little worried about this batch but they turned out great, and the texture was exactly what a deviled egg should be.  For these I used basil pesto and a mixed olive tapenade (olives, capers, roasted red peppers, and olive oil)


it’s a picnic in your mouth!

Learning that one could make, and eat, a single deviled egg made me question everything I believed about Southern food.  It also sparked a brand new idea, that perhaps there are more delicacies in which I have over-indulged because I believed it was the only way to eat them.  One favorite stood out and was the inspiration for this week’s egg challenge, potato salad!  That’s right, I made potato salad, then I made deviled eggs, and then I married them.  They live happily ever after in my belly.